EFG Hermes 5 th London MENA
Conference 2015

Your Bridge to MENA Investment Perspectives

Emirates Stadium, London, UK | 7 - 9 September 2015

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The EFG Hermes London MENA Conference is the largest MENA investor event in the UK

EFG Hermes is pleased to welcome you toEFG Hermes 5 th London MENA Conference 2015

As the EFG Hermes London MENA Conference commences for a 5th year, the region is faced with a particularly compelling economic landscape. Oil prices remain low, but the dollar is strong, the USD 531 billion Saudi market is opening up to foreign investors, and the UAE and Qatar have been elevated to MSCI emerging markets status. Meanwhile, there continues to be both a strong pipeline of IPOs in the offing and an uptick in M&A activities in Egypt.

Against such an intriguing regional backdrop, obtaining first-hand insights from C-suite executives at leading regional companies and improving lines of communication with leading international investors are essential components of a successful regional strategy. At the EFG Hermes 5th London MENA Conference 2015, buy-side investors and fund managers are given the opportunity to meet one on one with top management from the region’s leading companies. The conference also provides senior management from regional market leaders with a platform to present their business cases directly to potential investors while strengthening relationships with existing shareholders.

The 5th London MENA Conference

2015 Highlights

  • 250

    International fund managers and institutional investors

  • 117

    Financial institutions from Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Africa

  • c. USD 8 trillion

    In aggregate assets under management


MENA markets are headed for a decent return in 2015 in a global context, as they continue to outperform the broad EM index driven by strong performances from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The recovery in oil prices from January lows has supported this performance. Saudi Arabia, the largest MENA market, opened its door to foreign portfolio investment this year, paving the way for Saudi Arabia’s membership in the global emerging markets benchmark in the coming years. The UAE saw a long-awaited change taking place this year: the new companies law was approved, making IPO requirements more favourable on the onshore exchanges. In addition, the potential lifting of Iranian sanctions is increasing interest in UAE equities given the strong trade and economic ties between the two countries. Qatar is pressing on with reforms such as lifting foreign ownership limits, increasing its weight in the MSCI EM Index. Qatar may also be promoted to EM status by FTSE this year. In Kuwait, better-than-expected CMA rules make us a little more positive on the equity market. Egyptian companies are posting positive earnings surprises this year, and banks are seeing decent loan growth, a sign that the activity on the ground is improving. A cyclical recovery and ongoing fiscal reforms could support a multi-year rally in Egyptian equities.

  • Egypt


    Economic growth is set for gradual acceleration to 4.5% as the major infrastructure projects successively enter the implementation phase. Pressures are likely to sustain on the currency though these have been partially alleviated by GCC financial support and access to international capital markets. The government is likely to press ahead with further fiscal consolidation measures in order to achieve its fiscal deficit target of 10% of GDP.

  • Morocco


    As the key beneficiary of lower oil prices in MENA, with major savings on the twin deficit and boost to consumer purchasing power, Morocco is set for a notable acceleration in GDP growth in 2015. In addition to lower oil prices, growth will also be driven by a record harvest, monetary easing and higher minimum wages. Authorities are also pushing for gradual easing of capital restrictions, feeding into the positive macro outlook over the coming few years.

  • Jordan


    Ongoing fiscal reforms and sizeable benefit from lower oil prices are likely to be continually constrained by regional turbulence in neighbouring Syria and Iraq. Growth is set to accelerate moderately to 3.5% in 2015 from 3.1% in 2014, driven by higher disposable income due to lower oil prices and expanding public capital expenditure financed mostly by GCC grants.

  • Lebanon


    Economic growth is likely to remain stagnant below the 2%-mark as lower stimulus by the Central Bank is balanced with the benefits of lower oil prices. Macro stability, however, is preserved through sizeable foreign reserves at the Central Bank and ability to finance the fiscal deficit. The country’s economic fortunes, however, remain highly constrained by the ongoing regional strife, particularly in Syria, where Lebanon’s Shiite Hezbollah is directly engaged in the four-year old civil war.

  • Kenya


    The economy is likely to maintain a strong momentum in 2015, thanks to expanding credit growth and the government’s drive to upgrade the country’s infrastructure. The country is also benefiting from lower oil prices, providing a boost to consumer purchasing power. The positive outlook, however, remains marred with security risks, which have been elevated following repeated attacks by Somalian insurgents.

  • Ghana


    Economic growth is set to slow further on fiscal consolidation measures and energy shortages. The economy is also absorbing the shock of lower oil prices and higher inflation due to sharp currency devaluation in 2014. The signing of an IMF deal early in 2015, however, raises the prospects of restoring macro stability and instate fiscal discipline.

  • Nigeria


    The country is looking for a fresh start following positive presidential elections, which confirmed the democratic process. All eyes will, therefore, be on President Muhammadu Buhari when he assumes power later in May in order to tackle the economy’s woes, following the collapse in oil prices, which resulted in a major devaluation of the local currency and rising inflation. Restoring macro stability and improving security are at the top of Buhari’s priority list.

  • Iraq


    Falling oil prices and the ongoing war against ISIS have provided a double shock to the Iraq economy. The IMF estimates that the economy contracted by more than 2% in 2014 while the prospects for recovery remain contingent on rising oil production and improved activity in areas outside of ISIS’ control. Pressures on the fiscal front have also been mounting, with reforms needed on both the revenue and expenditure sides.

  • Palestine


    The economies of the West Bank and Gaza continue to face severe economic challenges. In the absence of a peace agreement with Israel, difficult conditions are likely to continue including from Israeli imposed restrictions on the movement of labour, access to resources, and trade.

  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia

    We forecast a slowdown in non-oil real economic growth to 4.0% this year and to 3.6% in 2016, as public investment and spending adjust to the lower oil price environment. The outlook may also be clouded by less visibility on policy direction given the recent power reshuffle in Saudi Arabia, domestic security concerns, as well as risks from the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen. We expect Saudi Arabia to register a sizable fiscal deficit this year estimated at 14% of GDP. Financing of the deficit has already contributed to a rapid draw down of the government’s fiscal reserves of USD45 billion in 1Q2015.

  • UAE


    The economic outlook for the UAE remains broadly positive as the economy is the most diverse in the GCC bloc and best positioned to withstand the impact of lower oil prices. The Abu Dhabi government has ample financial resources to sustain spending to support social infrastructure spending across the UAE and to advance its diversification agenda. With the Expo 2020 setting a hard deadline for Dubai, it is expected that investment and business momentum during the planning and execution phase ahead of the Expo will be sustained, notwithstanding the regional challenges.

  • Qatar


    We expect non-hydrocarbon real GDP growth to sustain at 10.5% this year on the back of continued spending on public infrastructure that is deemed essential for preparations to host the 2022 World Cup. Senior government officials have underscored that they will maintain their spending plans over the next five years ahead of the World Cup. The private sector is likely to become increasingly involved in infrastructure projects in Qatar over the medium term, which may contribute to diversifying the funding sources for project finance in the country.

  • Kuwait


    The country is well positioned to withstand the impact of lower oil prices given its ample financial reserves. Energising the country’s development and diversification plans nonetheless may remain a challenge given bureaucratic gridlock and brinkmanship between the government and parliament. We estimate non-oil economic growth of 3-4% for 2015/16 as the economy continues its upward momentum from the lows seen in 2011/12.

  • Oman


    Against the backdrop of lower oil prices, Oman is faced with an acute tightening in the fiscal space which could put pressure on public sector investment and support for non-hydrocarbon economic growth over the next few years. We expect the country to register a sizable fiscal deficit this year and there is an urgent need to commence fiscal adjustment. Fiscal reform efforts continue to stall however, while the government seeks to raise revenue through privatisation.

  • Bahrain


    We forecast economic growth to slow in 2015/16 to an average of 3% as the contribution from the oil economy recedes. At the same time, the pace of non-oil growth is uncertain in view of the fiscal challenges faced by the Bahraini government, which could limit public spending. This will be offset in part by the GCC assistance funds which will continue to support development and infrastructure spending in certain sectors.


Amer GroupEgyptAMER.CAAMER EYReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Arabian Cement Company | ACCEgyptARCC.CAARCC EYMaterialsPresentation Download
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Arafa HoldingEgyptAIVC.CAAIVC EYConsumer DiscretionaryPresentation Download
Cairo PoultryEgyptPOUL.CAPOUL EYConsumer StaplesPresentation Download
CentaminEgyptCEY.LCEY LNMaterialsPresentation Download
Commercial International Bank | CIBEgyptCOMI.CACOMI EYFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Credit Agricole EgyptEgyptCIEB.CACIEB EYFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Edita Food IndustriesEgyptEFID.CAEFID EYConsumer StaplesPresentation DownloadResearch Download
EFG Hermes HoldingEgyptHRHO.CAHRHO EYFinancialsPresentation Download
Egypt Kuwait Holding | EKHEgyptEKHO.CAEKHO EYFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Egyptian Resorts Company | ERCEgyptEGTS.CAEGTS EYReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
EIPICOEgyptPHAR.CAPHAR EYHealth CareResearch Download
El Sewedy ElectricEgyptSWDY.CASWDY EYIndustrialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
EzzsteelEgyptESRS.CAESRS EYMaterialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
GB AutoEgyptAUTO.CAAUTO EYConsumer DiscretionaryPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Global Telecom HoldingEgyptGLTDq.LGLTD LITelecommunication ServicesPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Housing & Development Bank | HDBEgyptHDBK.CAHDBK EYFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Integrated Diagnostics Holdings EgyptIDHC.LIDHC LNHealth CarePresentation DownloadResearch Download
Juhayna Food IndustriesEgyptJUFO.CAJUFO EYConsumer StaplesPresentation DownloadResearch Download
LecicoEgyptLCSW.CALCSW EYIndustrialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Maridive and Oil ServicesEgyptMOIL.CAMOIL EYEnergyPresentation Download
Nasr City Housing | MNHDEgyptMNHD.CAMNHD EYReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Orascom ConstructionEgyptOC.DIOC DUIndustrialsPresentation Download
Orascom Hotels & Development | OHDEgyptODHR.CAODHN EYReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Oriental WeaversEgyptORWE.CAORWE EYConsumer DiscretionaryPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Palm Hills Developments | PHDEgyptPHDC.CAPHDC EYReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Qalaa HoldingsEgyptCCAP.CACCAP EYFinancialsPresentation Download
SODICEgyptOCDI.CAOCDI EYReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Talaat Mostafa Group | TMGEgyptTMGH.CATMGH EYReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Hikma PharmaceuticalsJordanHIK.LHIK LNHealth CarePresentation Download 
Housing Bank for Trade & FinanceJordanTHBK.AMTHBK JRFinancialsPresentation Download
AgilityKuwaitAGLT.KWAGLTY KKIndustrialsPresentation Download
Burgan Bank KuwaitBURG.KWBURG KKFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
KIPCOKuwaitKPRO.KWKPROJ KKFinancialsPresentation Download
Zain GroupKuwaitZAIN.KWZAIN KKTelecommunication ServicesPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Bank AudiLebanonAUSR.BYAUSR LBFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Attijariwafa Bank | AWBMoroccoATW.CSATW MCFinancialsPresentation Download
Banque Centrale Populaire | BCPMoroccoBCP.CSBCP MCFinancialsPresentation Download
Douja Promotion Groupe ADDOHAMoroccoADH.CSADH MCReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Résidences Dar Saada l RDSMoroccoRDS.CSRDS MCReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
OCI NVNetherlandsOCI.ASOCI NAIndustrialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Dangote CementNigeriaDANGCEM.LGDANGCEM NLMaterialsPresentation Download
Bank MuscatOmanBMAO.OMBKMB OMFinancialsPresentation Download
OmantelOmanOTL.OMOTEL OMTelecommunication ServicesPresentation Download
Ooredoo OmanOmanORDS.OMORDS OMTelecommunication ServicesPresentation Download
Renaissance Services SAOGOmanRSC.OMRNSS OMEnergyResearch Download
Bank of Palestine | BOPPalestineBOP.PLBOP PSFinancialsPresentation Download
Doha BankQatarDOBK.QADHBK QDFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Mannai CorporationQatarMCCS.QAMCCS QDIndustrialsPresentation Download
Ooredoo GroupQatarORDS.QAORDS QDTelecommunication ServicesPresentation Download
Presentation 2 Download
Qatar Insurance Company | QICQatarQINS.QAQATI QDFinancialsPresentation Download
Vodafone QatarQatarVFQS.QAVFQS QDTelecommunication ServicesPresentation Download
Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co.Saudi Arabia4240.SEALHOKAIR ABConsumer DiscretionaryPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Al Hokair Group for Tourism & DevelopmentSaudi Arabia1820.SEAATD ABReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Al Khaleej Training and EducationSaudi Arabia4290.SEALKHLEEJ ABConsumer DiscretionaryPresentation Download
Al Tayyar GroupSaudi Arabia1810.SEALTAYYAR ABConsumer DiscretionaryPresentation Download
Al-Hassan G.I. Shaker Co. | Shaker GroupSaudi Arabia1214.SESHAKER ABConsumer DiscretionaryPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Budget SaudiSaudi Arabia4260.SEBUDGET ABConsumer DiscretionaryPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Dar Al ArkanSaudi Arabia4300.SEALARKAN ABReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Emaar the Economic CitySaudi Arabia4220.SEEMAAR ABReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Herfy Food ServicesSaudi Arabia6002.SEHERFY ABConsumer DiscretionaryPresentation Download
Manazel Real EstateUnited Arab EmiratesReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Saudi Airlines Catering | SACSaudi Arabia6004.SECATERING ABConsumer StaplesPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Saudi Ceramics CompanySaudi Arabia2040.SESCERCO ABIndustrialsPresentation Download
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Saudi Electicity Company I SECSaudi Arabia5110.SESECO ABUtilities
Saudi Industrial Services Company | SISCOSaudi Arabia2190.SESISCO ABUtilitiesPresentation Download
Saudi Telecom Company | STCSaudi Arabia7010.SESTC ABTelecommunication ServicesResearch Download
Tawuniya | NCCI Saudi Arabia8010.SETAWUNIYA ABFinancialsPresentation Download
Agthia GroupUnited Arab EmiratesAGTH.ADAGTHIA UHConsumer StaplesPresentation Download
Al Noor HospitalUnited Arab EmiratesANHA.LANH LNHealth CarePresentation Download
DAMAC PropertiesUnited Arab EmiratesDAMAC.DUDAMAC UHReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Dana GasUnited Arab EmiratesDANA.ADDANA UHEnergyPresentation Download
DEPAUnited Arab EmiratesDEPA.DIDEPA DUIndustrialsPresentation Download
Dubai Islamic BankUnited Arab EmiratesDISB.DUDIB UHFinancialsPresentation Download
Dubai Parks & ResortsUnited Arab EmiratesDUBA.DUDUBAIPAR UHReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Emirates NBDUnited Arab EmiratesENBD.DUEMIRATES UHFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Emirates REITUnited Arab EmiratesREIT.DIREIT DUReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
EtisalatUnited Arab EmiratesETEL.ADETISALAT UHTelecommunication ServicesPresentation Download
National Bank of Abu Dhabi | NBADUnited Arab EmiratesNBAD.ADNBAD UHFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
NMC HealthcareUnited Arab EmiratesNMC.LNMC LNHealth CarePresentation Download
Rak CeramicsUnited Arab EmiratesRKCE.ADRAKCEC UHIndustrialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Union National Bank | UNBUnited Arab EmiratesUNB.ADUNB UHFinancialsPresentation DownloadResearch Download
Waha CapitalUnited Arab EmiratesWAHA.ADWAHA UHFinancialsPresentation Download
Bank of London and The Middle East (BLME)United KingdomBLME.DIBLME DUFinancialsPresentation Download
Bawan CompanySaudi Arabia1302.SEBAWAN ABIndustrialsPresentation Download
Action HotelsUnited KingdomAHCG.LAHCG LNReal Estate & HospitalityPresentation Download
Dangote Sugar RefineryNigeriaDANGSUG.LGDANGSUGA NLConsumer StaplesPresentation Download
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  • “A very well-organized conference with an impressive investor base and good venue. Even after all the conferences we’ve attended, EFG Hermes manages to bring new investors to the table.”

    —Farida Khamis, Vice President of Corporate Finance, Oriental Weavers

  • “In general, EFG Hermes excels at organization, and the venue this year was different and creative. In a climate of returning investor appetite, EFG Hermes digs deep into company operations rather than simply focusing on the macro perspective.”

    —Kamel Galal, Investor Relations Manager, Ezz Steel

  • “We limit our attendance to only a few conferences per year, with two of them being EFG Hermes events. It’s always a pleasure meeting with existing and potential investors, as we have a story to tell, and we received positive feedback from investors across the board.”

    —Gerhard Marschitz, Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Airlines Catering

  • “The corporate turnout was one of the best among the many MENA conferences I have attended. Great work by EFG Hermes.”

    —Karthik Sankaran, Vice President, Blackrock


Day 1: Monday, 7 September 2015
07:00 – 19:00Registration, Scheduling & Hospitality [Woolwich Suite, East Entrance]
08:00 – 11:50One on One Meetings [Executive Boxes]
12:00 – 12:05Welcome note by Karim Awad, CEO EFG Hermes Holding [Dial Square Suite]
12:05 – 13:20Lunch [Dial Square Suite]
13:30 – 18:45One on One Meetings [Executive Boxes]
Day 2: Tuesday, 8 September 2015
08:00 – 19:00Registration, Scheduling & Hospitality [Woolwich Suite, East Entrance]
08:00 – 11:50One on One Meetings [Executive Boxes]
12:00 – 13:20Lunch [Dial Square Suite]
13:30 – 18:45One on One Meetings [Executive Boxes]
Day 3: Wednesday, 9 September 2015
08:00 – 19:00Registration, Scheduling & Hospitality [Woolwich Suite, East Entrance]
08:00 – 11:50One on One Meetings [Executive Boxes]
12:00 – 13:20Lunch [Dial Square Suite]
13:30 – 18:45One on One Meetings [Executive Boxes]

*Agenda is subject to change

Useful Information

  • Visas

    Please consult the British embassy or consulate nearest you for information regarding visa requirements. If assistance obtaining a visa is needed, we would be pleased to send you an official invitation that can be presented when applying.

    Please contact us at londonMENA@efg-hermes.com for further assistance in this regard.

  • Language

    The official language of the conference is English.

  • Climate

    Temperatures in London in early September are typically between 12° and 20° Celsius (54° and 68° Fahrenheit), although the weather can be unpredictable. Rain is common this time of year.

  • Time Zone

    London will be on Daylight Saving Time (GMT+1) during the conference.

  • Dress Code

    Formal business attire is generally recommended throughout the course of the conference.

  • Meeting Rooms

    A meeting room will be assigned for the one on one meetings, which will be available for your use throughout the conference to display your communication materials and other collaterals.

    If any Audio and Visual (A / V) equipment will be needed, please contact us at londonMENA@efg-hermes.com.

  • W iF i

    Complimentary WiFi will be provided at the venue throughout the duration of the conference.

  • Important Deadlines

    • 6 July 2015Registration
    • 2 August 2015Flight
    • 12 August 2015Logo
    • 12 August 2015A/V Form
    • 24 August 2015Presentation
    • 24 August 2015Shipping Form

More 2015 Highlights

  • 90

    Leading companies from the Middle East and North Africa

  • 13

    Key regional countries represented

  • 1,000+

    Meetings between international investors and senior management from leading MENA companies


Transportation will be arranged through the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. If you will require transportation services, please provide the relevant information on the online registration form or contact us via email with your flight details.


Round trip transportation between the airport and hotel will be arranged by the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel, at an additional cost.

The cost of a luxury car service to accommodate two individuals with two bags is as follows:

  • £120 From Heathrow / City Airports
  • £181.50 From Gatwick / Stansted / Luton Airports

The luxury car service offered is either a BMW 5 Series or an E-Class Mercedes. Arrangements can also be made for either a BMW 7 Series or an S-Class Mercedes at a higher rate of £133.20 from Heathrow / City Airports or £246.30 from Gatwick / Stansted / Luton Airports.

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Hotel to Conference Venue

Transportation from the hotel to the stadium will be provided and covered by EFG Hermes through shuttle busses from 06:30 to 19:15. A comprehensive transportation schedule will be provided as we move closer towards the conference date.


Emirates Arsenal Stadium | London, England

Emirates Arsenal Stadium

The Emirates Arsenal Stadium is one of the world’s most breathtaking sporting arenas that doubles as a venue for high profile international conferences and summits and is renowned across the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. The entrance for the conference will be through the South Entrance (Dial Square Restaurant), with the nearest tube station being Arsenal (Piccadilly Line), an approximately three minute walk from the stadium. For further details on convenient ways to get there, see here. For a more detailed look at the layout of the stadium, please click here.

The world‘s financial centre, London is a leading global city renowned for its friendly business environment. Welcoming over 14 million tourists per year, it is also home to famous restaurants, shopping destinations, historical landmarks and cultural opportunities.

Emirates Stadium Google Map

Emirates Arsenal Stadium

London N5 1BU
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)207 7044030


St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel

EFG Hermes has negotiated conference rates at the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel, an elegant, unique five star hotel that fuses Victorian splendor with contemporary style. The hotel is adjoined to St. Pancras railway station, set in the heart of Central London with more underground connections than any other London station and four main services from the station – Eurostar, East Midlands Trains, Southeastern and ThamesLink. The hotel offers easy access to Oxford Street, Bicester Village, and many of the other famous restaurants, shopping destinations, historical landmarks and cultural opportunities that London and the UK have to offer. For more on the local area, please click here.


The contracted room type is the Barlow Standard Room and includes either twin, queen or king beds. This category of room includes access to The St Pancras Spa fitness suite, pool, sauna and steam room, and the rooms are between 28sqm/301sqft and 32sqm/344sqft and are all air-conditioned and non-smoking. The rooms come with either a shower/tub combination or a shower and are equipped with a lighted makeup mirror, hair dryer, robe and slippers. All rooms have an alarm clock, safe, table with seating for two, desk with ergonomic chair and electrical outlet, coffee/tea maker, and an iron and ironing board. Connecting rooms are available for some rooms, and room service is offered 24/7. Our Barlow Standard rooms all have a phone with voicemail features and offer internet for a fee. All rooms come with a TV with cable/satellite, international cable/satellite, CNN, ESPN, movies on pay-per-view and radio.


The suites have the same amenities as the standard bedrooms. All Chamber Suites also have access to our Chambers Lounge, a private members lounge open daily, offer complimentary food (continental breakfast, mid-day snack, afternoon tea, hors d'oeuvres and dessert), complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, business services (for a fee), complimentary pressing (two garments per stay), Eurostar VIP transfer service, a wet shave at Gentlemen's Tonic (pre booking required), in-room Cinq Mondes bath ritual (pre booking required), priority table reservations at The Gilbert Scott Restaurant and a butler service.

St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel
  • Barlow Standard

    This is the contracted room type and includes either twin, queen or king beds.

  • Barlow Premium

    The rooms are larger than the standard bedrooms and all come with a king-size bed.

  • Chambers Junior Suites

    The suites are 32sqm/344sqft to 42sqm/452sqft and have a separate bathtub and shower. Connecting rooms are not available.

  • Chambers Grand Junior Suites

    The suites are 48sqm/516sqft to 60sqm/646sqft. Connecting rooms are not available.

  • The Sir John Betjeman Suite

    The suite is 48sqm/516sqft and has a living/sitting area. A turn down service is offered.

  • The Haywood Suite

    The suite is 150sqm/1,614sqft and has a living/sitting area. A turn down service is offered.

  • The Sir George Gilbert Scott Suite

    The suite is 150sqm/1,614sqft and has a living/sitting area. A turn down service is offered.

  • The Grand Staircase Suite

    The suite is 73sqm/785sqft and has a living/sitting area. A turn down service is offered.

  • The Queen Victoria Suite

    The suite is 108sqm/1,162sqft and has a separate living room. A turn down service is offered.

  • The Royal Suite

    The suite is 248sqm/2,668sqft and has a separate living room/sitting area and a large dining area. A turn down service is offered.

  • Room rates are an indication of best-available rates and are subject to availability, while the Barlow Standard room rate is inclusive of VAT and WiFi. Breakfast will be charged separately at GBP 26.00 for full breakfast and GBP 22.00 for continental breakfast. To book higher categories of rooms, please click here.

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